Solar Power: Design & Build 

​We can help you determine the viability and costs of large and small solar power projects, negotiate Net Metering or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and guide you each step of the way through permitting, development, construction, and start up, including:

Project Initiation:

-- Prepare and submit net metering and/or interconnection applications to utilities

-- Secure conditional financing commitments

-- Carry out feasibility studies and assist utilities with system impact and facility studies

-- Conduct other studies as required (environmental, ecological and cultural studies; avian studies; field wetland delineation; archeological studies; and threatened and endangered species studies) 

-- Prepare an Incidental Take Permit/Habitat Conservation Plan (ITP/HCP) if required

-- Conduct field geo-technical work and prepare geo-technical report

Engineering and Design:

-- Carry out detailed civil and electrical engineering

-- Determine final construction budget

-- Submit utility pre-requests

-- Submit all federal, state and local/county permit applications; electric permit application; and applications to secure building permits, variances and easements

Utility Interconnection, Net Metering, Power Purchase Agreements:

-- Perform all steps toward utility interconnection

-- Serve as liaison with utility, engineers, appraisers, sources of financing


-- Install transmission lines and build substations if necessary

-- Excavate site

-- Oversee procurement of all solar equipment

-- Oversee and monitor construction

Start up and Operation:

-- Oversee and monitor startup and operation

-- Initiate and manage facility maintenance programs

-- Provide training to operate and manage the solar project

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Solar Power: Design & Build ​

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Concentrated Solar Power (or CSP) generates power 24/7. It uses an array of mirrors that track the sun and concentrate the captured sunlight at the top of a tower, where molten salt is superheated to producing steam and run generators. The molten salt stays hot after the sun goes down, thus allowing the CSP facility to generate power day and night.