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Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

​Our team has over three decades of experience in managing multi-billion-dollar RFPs, RFP presentations and hundreds of $100M+ business opportunities. 

We can provide three levels of service, depending upon your budget and needs:

1. Prepare a start up package with tips on pitfalls to avoid and ways to improve your scoring so you can increase your chances of winning

2. Prepare a start up package, chair a kick-off meeting, review a  close to final draft for compliance and win rate, and make suggestions for improvements

3. Manage the entire process from start to finish, including presentations

It is our experience that companies lose business through an RFP because:
--  They did not follow RFP instructions
--  Most senior managers (doesn’t matter whether they are engineers, IT personnel or whatever) don’t write to sell, they write to inform
-- No one person is dedicated to managing the response process, so the quality of deliverables is poor, especially with a tight schedule

For government RFPs:
-- Must provide mandatory information or disqualified.
-- Must follow RFP instructions, even to font size or disqualified
-- The process is categorized based on who can bid on what projects: small business, veteran, HUBzone and so on.
-- Easy to obtain RFP package
-- Project size varies from a few thousand dollars to multi-million and multi-billion requests

Private Sector, Business-to-Business Proposal Responses:
-- Less formal than government
-- Less strict on compliance than government
-- Large projects usually go to RFP
-- Difficult to obtain RFP package, usually sent to sales contact

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