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Renewable Energy Consulting Services LLC "Grant Writing & Project Financing"

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Renewable Energy Consulting Services "RECS Our Team"

 Our Team

Our team is made up of a diverse group of professionals with a depth of expertise in key areas related to the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies and projects. We can provide you with access to:
-- Solar power specialists who can determine the viability and cost of proposed solar power projects; negotiate interconnection, net metering and power purchase agreements (PPAs); conduct feasibility, system impact and facilities studies; carry out permitting, civil and electrical engineering; oversee and monitor construction; oversee and monitor startup; and provide training for operating and maintaining the system

--A team of aquaponic experts, including a marine biologist who designed, built and operated one of the world's largest commercial aquaponics systems, who can design, build, negotiate and obtain contracts for the sale of fresh caught fish and organic produce, and provide training to operate and maintain job-creating aquaponic systems in abandoned warehouses and economically-distressed urban areas 

-- Environmental, civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, process and forensic engineers who can conduct feasibility studies, prepare independent engineer's reports, serve as owner's engineers, and assist with project management during the pre-construction planning, engineering and design phases of construction projects 

-- Project managers who can lead, manage and guide the planning, preparation and submission of presentations and responses for million dollar & multi-billion dollar requests for proposals (RFPs)

-- Grant writers

--Graphic designers

-- Proofreaders and copy editors
-- Financing specialists
-- Experts in financial modelling and the packing and presentation of requests for equity and debt financing

-- Environmental, technology transactions and patent attorneys

-- PhD scientific advisors in marine biology, ecology, epidemiology, biostatistics, toxicology and mathematics

-- Government relations & lobbying experts
--  Washington DC team members and attorneys who focus on renewable energy with relationships developed over several decades with the directors and staff of federal renewable energy funding programs, as well as with members of Congress, committee chairmen, and Congressional staff
-- Multiple industry partners, including firms specializing in greenhouse gas (GHG) emission analysis, environmental compliance and permitting; engineering/design; and bond financing.

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"Your work was of the highest caliber. Your ability to understand the unique requirements for each task element, from environmental to process, planning and construction, you managed multiple critical areas and in each case communicated in a way that was most effective for success. With your guidance, we clearly achieved the best possible outcome." —Jerry Gargulak, Business Development Manager, LignoTech USA, Inc.