Financial Modeling / Preparation of Financing Packages

Many good projects fail to get the financing they need due to the lackluster quality of their financing information. You have only one shot at convincing an investment or finance committee that your project is worthy of its support.  To do this, you need to put your best foot forward with a financial model and financing package that is clear, complete, compelling, and concise 

One of Renewable Energy Consulting Service's (RECS's) team members, Gabriel Montana, is a partner in a multi-national equity fund that provides and secures equity and debt financing for renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and sustainable forestry projects. He leads RECS's finance team, which is made up of three other team members who have extensive international banking experience, are experts in non-recourse financing and have held senior executive positions in the financial industry.

Gabriel reviews financing proposals almost every day. He knows what works and what doesn't. He approaches each project as though he is presenting it to the equity fund's finance committee: What will impress and what won't, what key information needs to be provided, what questions need to be addressed, and how best to present everything in a compelling, convincing, and lucid way.

Our object is to help you put your best foot forward to ensure your financing materials give you the best chance possible to get investors, equity funds and finance committees to say yes to your proposal.

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